Collection: Sharon Sheinbart

Sharon Sheinbart is a multi-disciplinary artist from Northeast Ohio. She sculpts ceramic animals, and paints and draws with ink from her home studio in Pepper Pike. She studied ceramics at the Cleveland Institute of Art under Toshiko Takaezu. She’s won several regional awards for her artwork. Sharon is a huge animal-lover and has been crafting her clay turtles, dogs, and cats for about 25-30 years. She had a pet turtle growing up, and says he was like a dog to her.

“At age seven, I sat watching my turtle resting in the shade of his Paradise Palm. He was a simple creature, yet he embodied some of life’s truths: take your time, travel light, and always know where home is. Hand-raised turtles never hide in their shells, they like people and will create lasting memories.
Each ceramic turtle is a one of a kind creation, representing the purity of childhood friendships and the simplicity of life.”