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Zeber-Martell Gallery & Clay Studio

Candle Sets (Various Colors)

Candle Sets (Various Colors)

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Unique handcrafted artisan candles with crackle pattern. Unscented and functional. Pair with Zeber-Martell’s Tabletop Candleholders (see pairing suggestions below).

Sold as a set of 3 tapered candles. 10-14”T x 2.75”W each. 

Suggested pairings with Tabletop Candleholder patterns:

  • “Smoke Gray” candles - Asian Dream, Modern Baroque, Blue Graphic, Abstract Blue, Emerald Breeze, or Key Lime candleholders
  • “Honey” candles - Bordeaux, Emerald Breeze, or Blue Graphic candleholders
  • “Khaki” candles - Neutral candleholders
  • ”Harvest” candles - Leaf, Neutral, or Key Lime candleholders 
  • “Sand” candles - Modern Baroque, Bordeaux, Neutral, Leaf, or Emerald Breeze candleholders 
  • “Plum” candles - Peony, Cayenne, or Ginkgo candleholders
  • ”Red” candles - Abstract Blue, Cayenne, or Asian Dream candleholders 
  • “Denim” candles - Blue Graphic or Abstract Blue candleholders 
  • “Chartreuse” candles - Key Lime, Ginkgo, or Peony candleholders
  • “Lilac” candles - Ginkgo or Peony candleholders
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